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Sharing Spanish Flavours

-   ABOUT US  -


TAPAS CULTURE is a family business. When we say family business it means that is a business that is managed by the whole family. Nana and Jose are the face of the business but Alex and Rodrigo (Their children) have been part of the business since the beginning and they have worked hard.

TAPAS CULTURE was born during the pandemic in 2019, it was hard moment for everyone and after Jose lost his job, we decided to do something that we had in mind since we came to the UK in 2010. We always wanted to have our own business sharing Spanish flavours.

Nana is a well known interior designer, she works hard for her career but she has her passion in the Spanish food.

Jose has been working many years around the hospitality business and he has worked with some of the best chefs in the word. Spanish food consultant who still works between our big sister company Spanish Ham Master  and Tapas Culture. If you want to know more about him you can visit his blog

Tapas Culture is sharing Spanish flavours around UK. After more than one year trading we are so proud to say that we have amazing customers that love our food, love our tapas. We are so happy to have many #TAPASCULTUREFRIENDS

With this website TAPAS CULTURE wants to continue growing and sharing Spanish products through this shop online. Please contact directly with us if you want us to bring something that you really miss from Spain.

Muchas gracias amigos!!


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